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Tutoring is fun. You can do fun things. You can have fun even when you are doing something boring. It's super. It's fun to learn there. I love learning now, it's great. It's even fun in math. You can make  up fun learning games. You can draw. It is the best  thing ever. You can have fun no matter what. You can even color. It's  super awesome. (Brenna, current student.)

Changing schools is always hard!  Making new friends, learning new things. With Christina the transition was made effortlessly for my daughter Sid. Christina worked endlessly with my daughter in order to get her caught up and ready for her new school. Now my daughter is in advanced classes, reading at a 9th grade level, doing high school math and science all while in the 7th grade. None of this would have been possible without Christina. Christina, from our family to you, thank you for being an awesome tutor and person. We couldn't have done it without you!    (Direct quote from a mom, Trina.)

"I found Christina at the beginning of this school year on Craig's 
List. After a brief interview with her I knew she would be a great 
resource for helping my son. I was right! My son has really connected 
with Christina and gives her his best effort. This is saying a lot 
because nothing yet has motivated him. Christina works with the whole 
person. She teaches how to learn and motivates her students to want 
to learn. Her background in psychology is a real plus. My son's 
teacher has told me that he is the most improved student in her 
class. She is extremely happy with his progress this year. I highly 
recommend Christina to tutor your child.
Barb (Parent of a student)

"Christina is one of a kind! My daughter had finished first grade and reading was a struggle for her when we found Christina. We had tried afterschool tutoring programs as well as in school assistance without any real progression. This went on form K-1st grade. By the time we found Christina, my daughter was going into second grade but was rated at a early first grade reading level. Within three weeks of Christina working with her she was rated at a one year seven month level!! My daughter's confidence has flown off the charts and she no longer dreads reading. She loves going to see Christina and looks forward to their lessons. I am so grateful for all of the doors she has opened by getting my daughter on the fast track to reading!! Christina's passion for teaching and helping shines all around her and draws the kids into learning.
Amy-Grateful and proud mom" (Mom of another student) 

"Tutoring has helped me get more time in for schoolwork, enjoy schoolwork, and
understand it more than I used to."
- Micky  (Student)

"I am doing a lot better in my classes. I like tutoring because it helps me improve my
grades, it is fun, and educational."
- Tayler (Student)

“Mrs. C is doing a very very good of helping me with my homework and I got all my
grades up in my classes…how sweet is that! 
Tutoring is helping me learn math more
easily at my school. It’s helping me have more confidence in life.
I am very proud of
myself because in two weeks I got my grades up pretty quickly.” 
- Ailee (Student)

"Christina is nice and actively helps you and not because she has to. At my school, the teachers make fun of me if I don't know an answer or need extra help. Tutoring here is helpful because the way she teaches and how."
- Gil (Student)


1. Progress should not be measured solely by grades. Effort, personal responsibility, self-motivation, attitude, and self-discipline are just as important.

2. The more support & encouragement a child receives, the greater their self-confidence. This, in turn, effects their educational participation and academics.

3. Give praise for a job well done and don't focus all of your attention on poor grades.

4. Compliment your child regularly for something they did well, whether that be an educational aspect, cleaning the house, doing yard work, etc...

5. Be sure your child starts the day off well with a healthy breakfast and eats as healthy as possible throughout the remainder of the day. Also, make sure they are going to bed at an appropriate time so that they are not sleepy in class.

6. Each week, schedule a family meeting or spend some quality time together. (I realize most people do not have much free time, but even 1 hour a week can be effective to bond with your child and find out what is going on in their life.) Make it clear that this will be mandatory and no excuses will be accepted. Do an activity you both (or all) enjoy, such as going to dinner, shopping, playing a sport outside, bike riding, etc...

7. Take turns reading with your child.

8. Talk to your child about how their day was and what they did. Share details of your day as well.

9. Be sure to read all notes and correspondences from their school. Additionally, thoroughly review their grades with them and ask them what they could have done differently to get a better grade.

10. Attend all conferences and regularly communicate with their teachers. The teachers may be able to provide you with extra feedback and concerns.

11. Most importantly, take an interest in your child's life. Really listen, don't just hear, what your child has to say.


1. Make a family tree together.

2. Write a family newsletter each month about events, important accomplishments, upcoming celebrations, etc... Acknowledge positive changes, fun activities members have engaged in, suggestions for family activities, etc...Have each member contribute a column about whatever they felt was most important to them for the last month. These newsletters should focus on the positive and serve to improve communication with in the family by each member making a contribution.

3. Make a rewards/consequences list so that your child knows what to expect as a result of a particular behavior.

4. Color or make a collage together. The collage should include all available family members. Each member takes turns selecting the focus, or title, for each collage.

5. Do an art project together (if you need ideas please email me & I will send you some suggestions).

6. Write a short story, or family story, together and let your child use their imagination if they desire.

7. The child can pretend that they are a reporter and interview family members or friends (if appropriate).

8. Share family photos and any stories that go along with them.

9. Write letters (together) to family members, especially those that you don't have regular contact with. Let them know what you have been up to.


















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